Justin Bieber Not Allowed In China

Justin Bieber who you all have come to love, then hate, then love again, can no longer step foot into China.
The culture bureau within the country has barred the, ” Let Me Love You” singer from entertaining the masses. The reason being, his continuous controversy within the media, and his unethical behavior, whether state side or in foreign countries.

Beijing must not have taken notice to Bieber’s image-rehab campaign that’s been going on?

A fan was wondering why Justin Bieber wasn’t able to play within the country. To answer the fan’s question, the culture bureau posted the reason above as to why he is unwelcome on their website.

Though the bureau has not stated any particular examples of him acting wild, there definitely are examples that Bejing could use. For example, the Justin urinating in a bucket while in London situation. Or, when the Bieb’s was in Calabasas throwing eggs and had to pay an $81,000 fine.

Justin Bieber Unable to Enter China

They could also bring up the 2013 incident. Justin could be seen being lifted up the Great Wall of China while on the shoulders of his body guards.

Maybe someone should send them a few clips from his roast on Comedy Central. Possibly if they heard a few tracks from Justin’s album,” Purpose” they might change their minds. At the end of the day, he did tell America that he was “Sorry.”

Beijing told writers at the Guardian that they hope his conduct improves over as he ages. Also, that his actions continue to aim toward public favor, instead of how he appears in the headlines.

Justin Bieber still has plenty of countries within Asia that he can still sing. He actually has concerts coming up in September and the beginning of October. So if your’s in Asia and you want to catch the Biebs live, be sure to check him out in Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, and the Philippines.