Air France-KLM Brings Out New Carrier

Last year, Air France-KLM made an announcement claiming that they would be launching a new carrier. The stand-alone transporters will help the company fight against high-end and lower budget flight competitors. The name of that carrier is Joon.

On Thursday, Air France let everyone know the name of the flight carrier as well as explaining that they will be focusing on Millennial flyers. In their announcement, they said that want those who are young, whose life revolves around the always changing digital technology to board their flights.

Air France-KLM Has New Carrier “Joon” That Will Launch Later This Year

Joon, in French, translates as “young.” The carrier will begin flights starting later this fall. It will start with flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle. Longer flights will begin in during the summer of 2018. The company has not given out further information on destinations.

Air France-KLM is not the only airline facing a battle against the onset of new competitors. As of late, carriers such as Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Emirates have been vastly expanding within Europe. These airlines have started to piggyback passengers from other flights to locations such as Africa, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia.

However, discount carriers such as easyJet and Ryanair for the past decade, continue to expand their brands all through Europe. They’ve entered markets that in previous years, were dominated by companies such as Air France-KLM, Alitalia, and other European carriers.

Now, companies such as WOW and Norwegian Air have started their own discount airlines as well that have cut-rate fares. Also, tons of new routes that go between Europe and North America.

With all these new competitors, Air France-KLM had to bring out Joon. British and Lufthansa Airways previously tried to make similar moves, but their flights aim more towards those looking for discounts.