Adam Jones, Of The Bengals In Hot Water

Adam Jones, who plays corner back for the Cincinnati Bengals will not be playing during the 2017 season opening game. The reason being, violating the personal conduct policy that the NFL has in place.

This past January, Adam Jones was arrested in downtown Cincinnati while staying at a hotel. It is alleged that Jones was very aggressive with a security guard and chose not to comply with the police.

Luckily for Jones, the prosecutor was able to dismiss most of his charges. Be that as it may, the prosecutor for Cincinnati said that Adam was acting foolishly while under the influence of alcohol.

Back in May, Jones plead guilty to his charge of obstruction.

Adam Jones In Hot Water With The NFL

NFL sources spoke with the corner back, and let him know, through a letter, that they had watched video footage from that night. In the letter, the NFL said that the way Jones was portraying himself in the video negatively reflected not only himself but his team and the NFL in general.

As of now, he only has three left if he wants to try to appeal the suspension.

The Cincinnati police released video footage that shows the corner back in the back of the car. You can clearly hear him tell an officer that he hopes that the officer dies. However, while in court, Adam Jones did apologize about the situation.

The young, pro-baller has been in the news a few times over the years. Back in 2007, his career was almost over after paralyzing a man in Las Vegas nightclub.  Afterward, Jones had to pay $12 million to the victim.
The 33-year old has been playing with the Bengals for seven years. He was mad captain back in 2016.

The owner of the Bengals, Michael Brown, continues to stand with Jones. In a statement, Brown said that his player knew what he was doing was wrong, but he also knows he regrets it.