Two Pastors File Lawsuit Against Coca-Cola

Two pastors, of African American descent, have chosen to file a law suit against the American Beverage Association, as well as the famed Coca-Cola company. The two claim that companies that make soda continue to deceive their customers about risks they take when they drink these sugary drinks.

On Thursday, news reporting outlets were saying that the suit was filed at the Superior court in D.C. A public health group and the pastors filed the claim. Those within the group are William Lamar, who is the senior pastor at the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church. Also Delman Coates, who is a pastor as well, but at Mount Ennon Baptist Church, in Maryland.

Two Pastors File Lawsuit Against Coca-Cola Company And The ABA

According to the to suit, Coca-Cola and the ABA have sent out campaigns that dilute the idea of being overweight goes hand in hand with pop. Coca-Cola came out with a statement dismissing the pastor’s previous charges from a California court case.

In their statement, Coca-Cola said that defense the pastors are using is false. Also, that they will continue to fight against them and their lies.
The two pastors don’t agree with Coca-Cola. Lamar told reporters that he tires of speaking at funerals of those who passed due to heart disease or diabetes. Coates, on the other hand, said that he has seen members of his church give small children bottles of soda. He had noticed now that they are losing more people to sugary drinks and sweets as to crime on the streets,

Coats believes there has been a lot of misleading information sent out. He said not only within not only the two pastors communities but communities all over. He says it is due to fake images and companies using deceptive tactics while marketing their drinks.