Video Footage Of Shia LaBeouf’s Police Encounter

Video footage of Shia LaBeouf’s recent incident has just emerged.

Shia, 31, is currently out of jail on a bond that was $7000. Last weekend he was charged with being drunk in public, acting disorderly, and obstruction.

In the video footage, Shia ask the police officers why he was under arrest.
He goes on to tell them hat he is an American and that he has rights.
An officer asks to speak, but Shia cuts him off. He goes on to ask if he can have the cuffs taken off. He blurts out a few expletive word as he tells them he is an American who pays their taxes.

Video Footage Of Shia LaBeouf’s Recent Police Encounter Surfaces

LaBeouf then asks the officers who they are fighting for. He says that they have a president who doesn’t care about them. Also that they work for a force who doesn’t care for them. LaBeouf then asks them why do they want to arrest a white person only asking or cigarettes.

The video footage then cuts to Shia telling his side of what happened.
Shia reveals that the officers that he came up to them, being nice, asking for a cigarette. He continues to swear as he says that the officer told him he did not have one, to which Shia says ‘word.’

Shia then lets them know he’s rich by telling them that he has millionaire lawyers. More so than them, actually.

So far, this is the second time this year that the actor has been under arrest. Earlier this year, he got into a small fight near his He Will Not Divide Us art project. It happened right outside the Museum of the Moving Image, which is located in Queens, NY. Due to lack of evidence, he did not receive a charge for that confrontation.