James Rodriguez Set To Play In Germany

James Rodriguez was looking to be the next mega-superstar of the fútbol world at the 2014 World Cup. He was able to score six goals during five games. Rodriguez was even able to have one of his goals seen as the best goal of the season. They gave him the Golden Boot for doing so well and even had Real Madrid’s eye on him. Before the beginning of the 2014-15 season, he was purchased for 80 million Euros from Monaco by the La Liga Giants.
It was hard for James to keep Madrid’s eye with a team full of goalscorers and fantastic players. Soon, the club came to the conclusion that in order for them to win, they needed a more well-rounded all-star team. Be that as it may, James was on the bench more than a time or two. He was not on the field during the last two championship matches in 2016 or the one in 2017.

James Rodriguez To Play For Bayern Munich

Of course, Rodriguez got weary of being on the bench, and with their victories, Madrid didn’t seem to need him anymore. To resolve the situation, a loan agreement came about. James will now be playing for Germany as a loan member for the Bayern Munich. This move should make it so he plays more without taking away from past accolades.

James move from Madrid to Munich makes for a solid move. The team has been killing it in the Bundesliga bu they are looking play more Champions League games. It would be nice to see a player such as Alexis Sánchez on the team, though. Even so, James has great skill at the game. Hopefully, with him bring in an environment with less pressure, he might be able to turn back into the player who everyone was checking for, again.