Bertha, World’s Oldest Hippo Dies At Manila Zoo

Bertha, the world’s oldest hippopotamus, passed away last Friday at the age of sixty-five years old. Be that as it may, the beloved Bertha hippo outlived the typical lifespan of herbivorous mammals by decades.

The hippopotamus was unresponsive in her enclosure at the Manila Zoo on Friday, July 7th, 2017. She was also the oldest animal there at the zoo. After finding the two and a half ton hippo unresponsive, took a look at her body to find the cause of her demise. Once her post-mortem examination was complete, they determined that her passing was due to most of her organs failing and old age says James Dichaves, the director of the Manila Zoo. Bertha was a member of the zoo for a very long time. She lost her mate in the 80’s and didn’t have any young.

Bertha, The World’s Oldest Hippo Passes At The Age Of 65

The loveable female hippo became a part of the zoo at only seven-years-old. She came from a zoo in the Philippines capital. Unfortunately, the zoo in the Philippines misplaced Bertha’s records. Typically hippopotamus live to be forty to fifty years old in the wild. However, Bertha outlived her expected lifespan. She was fed a nutritious diet which included bread, grass and her favorite fruits. Most hippos only live to be in the 40 to 50 year range.

The Manila Zoo officials say that Bertha was the eldest living hippo in captivity at the time of her death on Friday. Another hippo who lived a long time died in 2012 at the age of sixty-two. Two years prior, chose to euthanize a 58-year-old hippo whose name was Bertie.

The hippo’s passing leaves Mali, a 43-year-old Asian elephant, as the most seasoned staying creature among the nearly 500 inhabitants at the Manila Zoo, James Dichaves says.