Home Depot Employee Fired For Saving Woman

While working, two Home Depot employees heard a woman screaming in the parking lot.

The woman was screaming that a man struck her and took her child from out of her vehicle.

News reports say that the two employees, one of them Dillon Reagan, went outside to help the woman. They then phoned 911.

Regan told reporters that the dispatcher told the two to follow the assailant but not to approach him until the police came.

They followed the dispatcher’s instructions and gave a statement to officers on the scene. Once done, they returned to their jobs.

This occurred in Portland, Oregon.

Home Depot Employee Loses Job For After Saving Patron

Reagan told reporters that the two didn’t receive the accolades they had thought they would. Regan already had one strike against him. There are claims that he once used language deemed abusive towards another co-worker.

Since the incident, he was fired for breaking the safety rules Home Depot has in place.
Reagan told reporters that not matter what, he felt he did the right thing.
It turned out that the situation was actually a domestic dispute, so it wasn’t a stranger abducting a child. Be that as it may, Reagan was only trying to help a woman in distress.

Home Depot is known for making pretty hasty decisions.

Four employees were able to detain a shoplifter. They  lost their jobs soon after. Home Depot said at the time that only security members should be apart of those situations.

Well this time around, it seems the hardware store might have had a change of heart.

A spokesman for Home Depot told reporters that after taking a second look at Reagan’s case, they have chosen to reverse their action against him.
Regan told reporters that he does not want to work for the company anymore.