THC-Lased Gummy Bears Eaten By Indiana Teens

THC-lased gummy bear sent eleven teens to the hospital last Wednesday. The young teens are from Fishers, Indiana. They became horribly ill after eating the gummy bears while on vacation at a campground. The teens and their families were camping in La Porte County campground this past Wednesday. Local law deputies along the side of La Porte County Sheriff’s Department came to check out the scene.
The law enforcement was called to 5300 North Block Of CR325 for a person who calls 911 to seek emergency medical attention. When the local police officers arrived they found one of the young teenagers on the side of the road. He was only 19-years-old.

Teens Eat Gummy Bears Laced With THC

As for the young male that called the local police officers and 911, he said he had taken a drug not knowing what it was. He digested the gummy bears along the side of along with some other teen friends of his, but they all started to feel sick and throwing up. The teenager explained how he is not from around the Fishers area. That’s why he was unable to tell police officers and 911 his right location with his friends.
Thankfully medical responders and law enforcement personnel were able to locate the campground and home where the teens were. Once there, the officers and medical responders were could not believe that ten other teens were sick as well.
Almost all of the teens said they were not familiar with their location. Also that they were all on a camping trip together. The youngsters told local law enforcement officers that they all ate only half of a gummy bear that supposedly had THC mixed in it. THC, however, is the main ingredient found in marijuana.
All eleven teens are ok now. Two of the teenagers had blood tests that came back with high levels of THC bloodstream.