Kevin Hart Receives Honors In Home Town

Everyone knows Kevin Hart, the beloved stand-up comedian! He is quick on his feet with his jokes and can make people laugh until they cry! Philadelphia honored Kevin Hart with a huge mural of him on a cheesesteak shop wall. The cheesesteak shop is right around the corner where he grew up in his home with his family. Kevin Hart celebrated his thirty-eighth birthday with his friends and family. He was also celebrating Kevin Hart Day in from of the large mural of himself.

Kevin Hart’s huge celebration brought more than two hundred friends, family, and fans to his old Philadelphia neighborhood. He also celebrated with some amazing hometown cooked food dining at Max’s Steaks in Philadelphia to celebrate Kevin Hart Day. While celebrating, rain showers drenched everyone, but this didn’t stop them from chanting Harts name!

Kevin Hart Receives Honors In Philly

The comedian recalls a point in his life where he needed people to buy him cheesesteaks at Max’s Steaks in Philadelphia, and now he is amazed to see his face on the side of the building. He expressed to the crowd of friends, family, and his fans how grateful he is for his life. Philadelphia city officials in 2016 passed a resolution naming Kevin Hart the comedic actor on July 6th (which is his birthday as well) to be an official holiday throughout the city bearing his name with pride.

Hart has donated over five-hundred computers to local schools throughout the city. He also stays in involved with the community.

Hart has also said that he lives, eats, breathes and sleep for the city of Philadelphia. It has made him the man he is today. He has featured in five stand-up specials. He will soon show up in a forthcoming redo of the film Jumanji. Hart additionally was as of late named by Forbes as the most generously compensated entertainer. He made up a to $90 million from June 2015 to June 2016. Hart told his fans that he had just a single rule for his new wall painting, that no one is to urinate on it.