Bobbi-Jo Westley Wants The World’s Largest Hips

Bobbi-Jo Westley has been ignoring her doctor’s orders to lose weight. She is trying to claim the world’s biggest hips title. She is already 542 pounds. Doctors say being morbidly obese is risking her life daily. The extremely overweight woman is a resident of York, Pennsylvania. Bobbi-Jo Westley current hips measure ninety-five inches. Her goal is to be ninety-nine inches so she can take home the title. The present holder of having the largest hips is Mikel Ruffinelli that lives in Los Angeles and has held her record since 2013.

Bobbi-Jo Westley has a large fan base on social media, and they encourage her to beat the current record. She does express the fear of dying due to her unhealthy and hefty lifestyle but says it is just something she has to commit too. Bobbi-Jo Westley lives with her husband who fully supports her as well. Her husband and herself say that the size of her hips make her unique and is how she stand out from other people. Westley says she was shocked to find out that a lot of men on social media love her shape and support her in getting bigger.

Bobbi-Jo Westley Trying Have Biggest Hips In The World

With Bobbi-Jo Westley’s large fan base online she can make a great living making up to $2000 utilizing webcam sessions. All of her fans love her shape and pay good money to see her online. Westley says she doesn’t just receive money from her fans. She also receives hundreds of gifts, gift cards, fancy dinners and some will even ask her to marry them. She does let her fan base know she is already has a man. Westley says she regularly gets hate online as well. She doesn’t fight it because she’s used to it and the good responses outweigh the bad.

Be that as it may, while her well-proportioned figure has turned into her employment, the 42-year-old’s weight has punishingly affected her body. Her enormous size likewise prevents her from doing various fundamental exercises. She also loses her breath very easily. Oddly enough, she does not let that deter her from her record-breaking earnings.