Houston Has A New Player

Houston, we have a new player. It’s looking as though Chris Paul has a new team. Sources have been able to confirm that an agreement was made by the Los Angeles Clippers and the Houston Rockets to trade Paul.

Sources from the league say that 32-year-old Paul choice to spend his final year on his $24.2 million contract with the Rockets.

Now, Paul doesn’t come cheap. Not only will the team have to give up seven players, but also $661,000! So Houston fans, say bye-bye to guards Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley. Also leaving will be Montrezl Harrell and Sam Dekker, DeAndre Liggins, Kyle Wiltjer, and Darrun Hilliard.

Houston will hold on to their full mid-level exception which is at $8.4 million. They will also keep their bi-annual exception which is $3.2 million.

Paul had until Wednesday to make his choice since this is his final year on that specific contract. If he didn’t opt out, he would be a free agent with no restrictions.

Houston Rockets Acquire Chris Paul

Paul had the chance to drop his contract and sign a new one giving him $34 million a year. Now Paul has the option to sign a deal that would last five years, but with a $205 million max extension while playing for Houston.
Paul has been wanting to play on the same team as James Harden for a while now. According to sources, this is what led the team to work out a trade agreement with the Rockets. At the same time, LA was about to obtain several tradeable players. There was no risk for the Clippers losing Paul.

Previously, the two all-star players spoke about possibly looking to play for the same team.

Paul is currently at the time of the league, being a nine-time All-Star player and defensive team member. He has been with the Clippers for six seasons after leaving New Orleans, where he played for six seasons as well.