ABC Chooses To Settle Meat Dispute

ABC made a statement on Wednesday indicating that they have finally reached an agreement to resolve a dispute with those who make beef that has is lean and a very fine texture.

Back in 2012, BPI, whose home base is in South Dakota, had a 1$ billion dollar lawsuit against ABC. They claim that coverage filmed about their company has hurt their business, terribly. ABC did report that the product was safe to eat, but did not have a clear label indicating what it was.

According to one of the attorneys for BPI, Dan Webb, his clients are very happy with the outcome of the settlement.

While speaking to Webb said BPI agreed to take their case to trial because they felt their name had been tarnished.

He stated that they felt that ABC was very bias in their assessment of the company.

ABC Settles Court Case

The group found themselves back in court June 5. The trial was over before ABS had a chance to start their defense. Webb believes it was because his clients had competent evidence against

Attorney Dan Web told reporters that his clients were ready to go a far as needed with their case. The settlement had come before anything had to go too far.

Webb says that the settlement will allow for his clients to rebuild their business and hopefully start anew.

The company stated on Wednesday that they still back what they reported.
In their statement, it said that throughout the entirety of this situation, they had held their ground. ABC doesn’t feel as if that they did anything wrong.

Though they have chosen to settle, they said that ABC still holds true to their beliefs. The public deserves to know what they are purchasing. Also, what the real ingredients are.

As of now, the terms of the agreement have not be released publicly.