Surveillance Shows Couple Attack Two People

Surveillance videos shows  two people attacking a restaurant employee and her daughter. Reason being, the couple were not happy with their food.

Police were able to identify the two as Latasha Smith and Nathaniel Eric. They went on to complain to the owner of the Quick Chick takeout stand Jeanette Norris. They told her that their chicken was too cold and that the did not have the proper amount of fries.

Norris went ahead and checked the couple’s meal. After speaking with them for a while, she gave to couple their money back. However, that wasn’t enough for Latasha. Surveillance shows her attacking and slapping the woman.

Surveillance Was Able To Catch It All

Norris told reporters that the woman was very irate. She said tat the customer, and her husband began cussing her out.

Next, her daughter got out of a truck that was right outside the restaurant. Once out of the vehicle, she hit in the face by Nathaniel.

An employee saw what was going on. Then Norris saw that her daughter was hit as well.

When other customers began to arrive, the two sped off in their car.

Norris now has a broken nose, and her daughter has a concussion and numerous bruises.

The Chief of police, James Godfrey, of the Baxley Police Department said that he had never seen or heard of such acts. Especially in his area. He has lived in Georgia and has never heard of any instances such as this one.

The two assailants were identified by viewers watching local news. The couple did receive warrants for their arrests.

The two are remain dangerous and on the loose.

If anyone has information dealing with the suspects and their whereabouts, the Baxley Police Department encourages you to call 912-367-8305. Or you can call the 911 center at 912-367-8111.