Opioid Epidemic Reaching New Lows

The opioid epidemic in America has only gotten worse over the years, and it’s showing. Librarians are now having to treat overdoses.

In cities such as San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Denver, are arming their librarians with first aid kits containing Naloxone. Naloxone is a drug that can help reverse and overdose if someone has taken meth or heroin.

Staff members are learning how to administer the drug in a responsible manner inside the library. Incidentally, they have also been having to rush out into the public to save addicts.

Workers within these cities have said that they have never seen public health epidemic this bad.

At the McPherson Square Library in Philadelphia, 33-year-old librarian Chera Kowalski has had to use the drug on numerous people.

Opioid Epidemic Takes Over America

Just last year, the library had to shut down for three days. Their sewage system was full of needles.

Since then, signs are up on their bathroom doors that say no more than five minutes are all within them.

One of the reasons for this new resurgence of addicts is due people in the city of Kingston boasting about having the purest heroin.

On the first day that the staff was giving Naloxone at the Denver Central Library in Denver, Colorado, they had to use it on someone.
During 2015, over 33,000 people lost their lives from opioid abuse. Though heroin continues to be the deadliest of the drugs, painkillers are at fault as well.

After overdosing, over 1 million people reached out for care whether from family members or rehab centers. Exposure  to substances such as codeine and fentanyl, just to name a few, have been turning people into addicts for years. Due to their legal status, they have only recently been under fire as more and more people turn to them for their addictions.