After Decades, Manson Follower Possibly Paroled

After whole forty-seven years, Patricia Krenwinkel is due to meet with a parole board. Patricia Krenwinkel has been in prison in California for most of her life. Krenwinkel is to meet on June 22, 2017, with the California parole board. She is hoping that they will give her parole. She was on of the Manson family followers or stalkers back in the late 1960’s. Patricia Krenwinkel was convicted of seven counts of murder in the first-degree with Charles Manson and the women who were always with him.

Patricia has had the longest serving female inmate in the prison systems of California. Thursday’s hearing is a continuation of one that started in December. The trial was suspended after Patricia’s lawyer, Keith Wattley, said she was a casualty and was beaten by Manson. Patricia’s lawyer Keith Wattley says as of now; there are no new reports or proof of any new allegations to the situation.

Manson Follower, Patricia Krenwinkel May Go Home

During her trial, Krenwinkel decided to hunt down and cut Abigail Ann Folger. She also murdered Leno LaBianca and his better half, Rosemary, the next night. Her last parole hearing was in 2011. Manson supporters Leslie Van Houten and Bruce Davis were each up for parole. However, it was denied by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Keith Wattley explains that this time the panel of the California parole board should consider the physical abuse as well as the psychological abuse that has had a huge influence on her. As for the family members of the Manson’s murders, they encourage the board to not give into the new defense. In December of 2016 a sister to one of the victims said it was a shame to even consider letting her out of prison. The sister of Sharon Tate, one of the victims, stated that Patricia blames her actions on every person during the entire California parole hearing in December.