Girl Scouts Will Be Receiving A New Badge

Girl Scouts USA otherwise called GSUSA is prepared to turn out some maturing white-caps alongside those delicious treats. The group will soon start offering badges on cyber security. Most people know that Girl Scout badges are the staple of the scout experience. The badges show that the scout has become and expert in that specific activity or event.

GSUSA is working with Palo Alto Networks on a national identification framework. They want to enable young ladies to open their minds to science, innovation, designing, and math while creating critical thinking and a leadership skills. There will be 18 new badges, on the whole, to be made available to its 1.8 million members. Their ages range from 5 to 18. They will begin giving out the badges next summer.

Girl Scouts To Recieve New  Badges In 2018

As stated in the most recent Cybersecurity Jobs Report by Cybersecurity Ventures, the overall lack of qualified cyber security experts will rise to 3.5 million by 2021. With less people in the specific field, it makes everyone more susceptible to cyber threats. To fight off these threat requires more workers, and people interested in the field.

When it comes to cyber security, there just seems to be not as many women as men within the industry. Only 11% of cyber security jobs include women. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association, 69% of females have chosen not to pursue a career in information technology. Some have said they do not know what opportunities are available for them in this particular field of work.

The companies joint effort with Girl Scouts of the USA to create educational programs for the primary ever national cyber security identifications will greatly impact the fate of our cyber industry. by building tomorrow’s various and imaginative group of issue solvers prepared to counter developing cyber threats.