Gronk Parties And Racks Up $100,000 Bill

Gronk is known for being a tad outlandish. Racking up a $100,000 tab in booze might be of some interest to the NFL. Pictures are floating all around the net of the Patriots tight end shirtless and dancing the night away. He also brought in his own DJ.

Most of the time, casinos usually give free food, alcohol, free food, alcoho and a place to stay for big spenders at their establishments. Now, if there were previous conversations between the casino and Gronk about the night’s festivities, there is a question to be answered. When it comes to casinos and athletes, is there a line?

Gronk Says He Did Not Spend $100,000 At The Casino

According to Gronkowski, $100,000 would be better spent as a donation to a charity, which he did back in February. A friend his vowed for him saying that he would never spend that amount in a casino.

Now in the past, this would have been a bigger issue. Currently, the NFL has agreed for the Raiders to make Las Vegas their new home.  They will be in a town known for its parties and engagements. This will be harder for the league to pick petty fights against them. It would be a bit hypocritical of the NFL.
As of recent, no one has come forward saying who paid for Gronk’s tab. People have also been wondering if whether or not he there was an appearance fee or something similar. The casino has received a lot of publicity due to Gronkowski’s “impromptu” appearance. However, if the publicity Gronkowski provided them with was not free, then the NFL may decide to put their noses in his business. With it being a few more weeks until training starts for the players, Gronk has time to let off a bit more steam.