According to Research, Guns Are Killing Kids

According to a current government study in the United States guns are killing or injuring at least nineteen children every day. The study also reports that the children who are at most risk are boys teenagers, and minorities, especially in big cities.

According to the investigation of 2002-14 U.S. information is the most extensive investigation on the theme. While it, for the most part, affirms beforehand discharged data, it underscores why analysts see firearm viciousness as a global wellbeing emergency.

There was a recent study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which included young kids through the ages 0 to seventeen. The study done by the CDC gathered emergency room reports, hospital stay reports, and death certificates. All the collected information was shocking, to say the least.

According To The CDC, Here Are The Facts

– The United States yearly toll of nonfatal gunshot wounds mostly intentional is 6,000
– The annual toll is almost 1,300 death due to gun violence
– More of the deaths end from suicides and murders
– The United States suicide rate has increased by 60% in just this last year alone
– Most of the suicides in the United States were children struggling with depression or experiencing recent hardship, and other issues
– Murder rates fell from 2007 to 2014 from 1,038 to 699, thankfully the murder rate in the United States decreased by 36% to less than one person per 100,000
– The yearly death rate is for every two out of 100,000 kids the rate has doubled for minorities
– As for the non-life threatening gunshot wounds are more common injuring eight out of 100,000 children every year
– Most inadvertent passings come about because of playing with firearms and accidentally pulling the trigger. Most casualties were onlookers, despite the fact that among kids up to age 10 in this gathering

These facts need to change in the United States for the better of our children. The country needs to come together as a whole for the future our of people which are the kids. Especially in our larger cities such as Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and much more.