Untamed Forest Fire In Portugal Still Going

Untamed forest fires have taken the lives of sixty-two people in Portugal. However, of those stuck, many were small children as officials have reported. Sadly, most of the people who did not make it were trying to leave the Pedrogao Grande area. The forest fire has spread across many regions of Portugal. Hundreds of firefighters continue to tackle the fires.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa has stated that the forest fires of 2017 have been the biggest tragedies in recent years. Costa also said that many people are still missing as the death rate continues to rise. Everyone is in mourning for those who affected. Portugal offcials have announced a three-day national mourning that began June 18.

Untamed Fires Cause Many To Die In Woods

Jorge Gomes, the Secretary of State, made a report saying that firefighters were able to find bodies inside of cars. He also reported that another seventeen bodies were next to their vehicles on the same road. As for the remaining people that have been accounted for as deaths due to the forest fire, there were eleven in a small village right next to the IC8 motorway road.

There are hundreds of local firefighters and over three-hundred vehicles working to put the forest fires out. As of now, it still isn’t close to being over. Portugal has a dozen untamed forest fires at the moment says a local newspaper. Throughout the dozen of forest fires, a little girl around the age of eight years old was walking around with horrible burns to her skin. She was just wandering close to to the flames.

Six firefighters have injuries, political supporter RTP stated, and two who disappeared overnight turned up injured. The Correio do Manhã firefighters have not been to certain areas, so there could be more deaths.

Presently, Spain is sending out two water planes to help handle the flames, and the European Union is sending a worldwide firefighting and alleviation exertion. No one knows what caused the fire. However, Mr. Costa said electrical storms could have been one likely reason.