Laundry Pods Pose Risk To People With Dementia

Consumer Reports says that laundry “pods,” which are small packets of detergent, present a risk for people who have dementia. The reason being that they might misinterpret the pods as food.

The group was about to file a Freedom of Information Act against the Consumer Product Safety Commission to acquire the information. From the information, they were able to learn that eight people have passed away from ingesting the laundry pods. The deaths occurred within the years 2012 up to the beginning of 2017, with no big headlines about it on news. The data found that six of the deaths were of those with dementia, and the other two were small children.

Ingesting The Laundry Packets Can Cause Serious Problems

Those who take care of the elderly need to know that if one of their patients or loved ones ingests these pods, they are at risk of severe problems. Saliva and water help to dissolve the outer packet, expelling the liquids inside.

Companies also recommend the removal of detergent pods from the homes where people with dementia reside.

As reported by ABC News, The American Cleaning Institute, also known as the ACI, sent out a statement. The ACI, represent the $30 billion cleaning products market in the United States. They said that they are dedicating themselves to lessening the amount of access to these sorts or items.

ACI members also sent out safety guidelines for caregivers. The main tip says to store all products used for cleaning, away in a closet or a cabinet.

In addition, discretionary safety standards for the detergent pods were created under aid from the ACI. They came up with a solution to make the packets less appealing. For example, the outer film on the packets have a bitter substance on them in to deter anyone from ingesting the product.