No Discussion On White House Visit

There has not been an official discussion made as to whether or not the Warriors will visit the White House if they receive and invitation. Typically, when a team wins a championship game, they soon receive and invite to see the president.

Well, Steph Curry hasn’t had any qualms about answering the question as to whether he would go or not. He told reporters that he was asked a few months back if he would go if in invited. He told that person that he wouldn’t go and stands by it still today.

Steve Kerr, the head coach of The Warriors, has been very adamant about his feelings towards President Trump. Even before he was elected, Kerr had made statements about him and how their views clash.

There Has Been No True Discussion About a White House Visit

Kevin Plank, the current CEO of Under Armour, said that for the country, Trump is an asset. Curry, who happens to be one of Under Armour’s biggest endorsers told reporters that he agreed that Trump was an asset if they remove the ‘-et.’

There should be no surprise if the team decides to decline the offer if it is made. On Wednesday, Kevin Durant, Shaun Livingston, Klay Thompson, and Curry all made it known that the team still has not discussed the issue as a group.

Durant told reporters that in all the excitement that comes with winning a championship, they haven’t really thought about going to the White House. He said that there had been no discussion about it amongst him and the others on the team.

Curry and some of his teammates have had side conversations before the championship game. Doesn’t mean that as the team as whole made a decision. When a team wins the championship game, they don’t end up going to the White House until the next season. The usually go when they have a game in Washington.