Blood Donors Needed World-Wide

World Blood Donor Day is coming up for 2017 on Saturday, June 17th. New Zealand Blood Services is asking everyone to come out and stand up for people in need. Half Moon Bay occupant Gregory Morrison is one of the 110,000 lifelines the nation over and 3000 dynamic blood benefactors in East Auckland.

Every month, the 55-year-old IT business examiner goes to Epsom Donor Center of the NZ Blood Service to give plasma. The IT company reviewer started going to the Epsom Donor Center of NZ Blood Center about four years ago. He’s been doing since his deeds date when he was attending HID University. The fifty-five-year-old man expresses the importance of donating blood and says it is an honest thing to do nowadays. Morrison also includes that blood is constantly in need for emergency situations and operations, so why not do it!

World Blood Donor Day is Saturday, June 17th

Morrison wants to encourage more people to give back to the community and hospitals. It is just part of being an honest, great citizen to donate blood. One day a love one of theirs or themselves might need blood donated to them if an emergency occurs. Everyone should know that donating blood is always in a professional setting and it is safe and overlooked by doctors as well as nurses says, Morrison.

Scott Sinclair is a recruitment team leader at the Blood Service Center. He told reporters that they are very fortunate to have regular blood donors. Scott Sinclair also says new blood donors are always in need to replace people who are no longer able to donate blood. Some of their regular blood donors that aren’t able to give any longer may be due to a change in medications, relocating or due to an unexpected illness or disease.

Did you know that with each blood donation you could save up to three lives? As the demand increase especially with the plasma in blood the hospitals need more new donors.