London Attackers Kill Nurse

A young woman, who happened to be a nurse, was one the people named who were killed in the terror attack in London. Her family told reporters that she was running towards the danger before she was murdered.

28-year-old Kirsty Boden was a nurse originally from Austraila. She was working and living in the British capital before that fateful day.

Boden was the second individual that authorities were able to identify from the van-and-knife rampage that occurred on Saturday.

Three attackers were driving a van as they rammed into citizens on the London Bridge. Then they got out of the car and began stabbing people.

She worked at Guy’s Hospital that was only a few hundred yards away from the attacks.

Nurse Is One Of Many Killed During London Attack

Boden’s family told reporters that she was trying to help people on the bridge before the murders attacked her.

In a statement to police, her family also said that she was very loved by friends and relatives. They stated that she was very outgoing and kind. Her family went on to say that she really enjoyed helping people.

Kirsty’s family said that they were proud of her and that her actions were heroic and selfless.

Staff members described Kirsty as one in a million. According to chief nurse Dame Eileen Sills, she was very attentive to her patients.

Sills told reporters that she is somber and heart is broken over her co-workers passing.

The first victim that police were able to identify was 30-year-old Christine Archibald, from Canada. Though it has not been confirmed, Melissa McMullan told reporters that she believes her brother was killed as well. His name is James McMullan, and he is 32.

However, France’s Embassy in London were able to confirm that a French national was among the dead during the attack.