Panic Causes Stampede, 1000 People Hurt

Over 1,000 people were injured during a stampede on Saturday as the horde of people were watching the Champions League Soccer finals held in Turin square.

People were gathered around a large screen in the city located in northern Italy. Their favorite team, the Juventus, were up against the Real Madrid. They were playing the game in Cardiff, Wales. But as the teams went head to head, back in Turin, people began to panic due to what some say were loud bangs.

According to Renato Saccone, the chief officer of Turin, the cause for the panic is still under investigation.

He Went To The Area To See What Was Going On For Himself

Currently, prosecutors are looking into the situation to see what could have caused the alarm. The stampede seems to have come from nowhere.

There have been reports from eyewitnesses who said that they hear an explosion while watching the game. Some believe fireworks were going off in the area. A railing fall, causing injuries to people in the stampede.

The director of Molinette Hospital in Turin, Antonio Scarmozzino told reporters that close to 350 people were brought to the hospital, but three of them were injured pretty bad.

After being crushed by patrons trying to leave the area, two women and a boy are left in critical condition.

People left behind shoes and other garments that belonged to them. Also, debris was scattered about where people were watching the game. On Twitter, the mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino said that he was in shock to here of what went down in San Carlo Square. He went on to say that he and his team were monitoring the situation very closely.
Real Madrid ended up winning the match. The final score was 4-1.
The winners have become the first Spanish team to win the 12th European Cup in 27 years.