U.S Postal Service Worker Arrested For Giving Out Foul Meat

Susanna Burhans, who was U.S. Postal Service worker arrested after allegedly feeling a meatball laced with nails to a dog.

According to assistant special agent Jeldrys Lowey, Susanna had worked as a mail carrier for more than 21 years.

On May 22, USPS was informed of the allegations against Burhans. The began a full investigation with local police. Burhans had been seen while delivering mail, throwing food at a dog.

Investigators stated that soon after the worker threw the meatballs, they were found with nails within them

According to Lowry, the Office of Inspector General takes these allegations very seriously. They make sure to do thorough investigations.

He went on to say that USPS has over 625,113 employees working for them. They do not tolerate such behavior from their workers. Lowry stated that USPS takes pride in hiring honest, goal oriented workers who would not engage in such actions.

Ed Glover, who is the owner of the dog in mention, told news reporters that he found a nail-filled meatball not too far from his personal mailbox.

Glover took his dog to a vet, and x-rays found nails within the stomach of the dog. Everyone in the room was in complete and utter shock.

Currently, the USPS and the sheriff’s office are still investigating the situation. They have asked if anyone knows more about the situation or has any information to call one of the agencies as soon as possible.

In a statement made by the USPS, they said that as of now, there is still no proof that Burhan did anything wrong. They said that she would remain innocent until further notice from a court. The USPS have declined to release any more information on the matter due to tot the Privacy Act. A full investigation is still under way.