Swimming After Getting A New Tattoo Causes Man To Die

Most people know not to go swimming after getting a new tattoo. Unfortunately, a young thirty-one-year-old man in Mexico did it anyways. The man contracted a flesh-eating virus and died after not following instructions after receiving his new tattoo. The unknown man got a tattoo on his leg with fresh ink of a pair of praying hands news reports say. Five days after getting his new ink, he went into the Gulf of Mexico and caught the flesh-eating bacteria.

Tattoo experts say written, and verbal instructions are giving to everyone who receives a new ink. When one receives new ink, they are to wait at least fourteen days before swimming in oceans, lakes, or pools. People with fresh ink are at a higher risk of infections due to their new tattoo.

No Swimming For Two Weeks After Receiving New Ink

According to recent news reports, the thirty-one-year-old man developed a high fever and dark red rash around his new tattoo area. As time went on, the man became weaker and weaker. He was then taken to a nearby hospital where he was admitted immediately. Doctors soon noticed his leg had large discolored patches that turned a dark purple. These side effects are common signs of infection. His limbs started to swell, especially the leg with the fresh tattoo.

Within hours, the man was in severe pain. The doctors in the Mexico hospital determined the thirty-one-year-old man had contracted vibrio vulnificus bacterial infection. Vibrio vulnificus bacterial infections spread throughout the body very quickly. The infection can lead to disfiguring skin lesions, blistering, and possible amputations. If not treated in time, it can be fatal such as in this case.

The thirty-one-year-old man was already suffering cirrhosis of the liver due to heavy drinking throughout his life. Just twenty-four hours after being in the Mexican hospital the man’s organs began to shut down. He was then put on life support. The man developed cellulitis and septic shock of his underlying tissue as well as his skin. After a couple of month in the hospital fighting, he passed away.