Migrants Lose Their Lives Crossing The Sahara

44 migrants on their way to Libya have lost their lives due to dehydration. The group’s, which included women and babies, vehicle broke down while trying to cross the Sahara desert.

According to the mayor of Agadez, Rhissa Feltou said that as of now the death total is at 44.

Most migrants travel to Niger looking for work in Libya or seek to sail to another continent.

Most people die as they try to cross the large desert because they stock up on more fuel than water.

To stay safe from the sun’s rays, they cover themselves head to toe in garments and sunglasses.

Currently, temperatures in Agadez have hit the 122 F mark.

Teams from the Red Cross were sent out to gain information on the situation.

A Trip From Agadez to Libya Takes About Two to Three Days With Limited Toilet Stops in Between

Back in May, five children and three adults from Niger were found with no pulse in the Sahara. They were headed to Algeria.

Patrollers also were able to rescue close to 40 migrants in May from different countries across Africa. They had paid for someone to help them get to Libya, but they turned out to be smugglers.

Some migrants are kidnapped on the way by bandits and sex traffickers.
Other common issues are fever, hunger, and possible broken bones. Accidents frequently occur as people travel from the desert to the Libyan borders.

Government officials in Libya have been trying to control southern borders for some time now. It started before the uprising against the dictator, Moamer Kadhafi in 2001. Countries that border Libya are Chad, Niger, and Sudan. There are 3,000 miles of border between sed countries and Libya.

With the chaos that consumed the countries came even more traffickers. Thousands and thousands of people make the long trip every year.

Last month, Italy and Germany called for more border control to be set up between Niger and Libya to reduce the number of migrants coming into the two countries.