Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Split

Sadly, Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller, after seventeen years of the marriage, are calling it off. On Friday, May 26, 2017, the couple announced the split in a statement made together sharing it with ET news. They want the public to respect their peace during their split. Their plans are to continue raising their children and be devoted parents.

In 1999, Ben and Christine met when they were filming the TV pilot for Heat Vision and Jack. Later in May of 2000, the couple tied the knot at an oceanfront wedding ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii. In their interview in 2007 with ET news, Ben Stiller expressed that when he met her, he knew she was the one person for him. During another interview from July of 2005, Ben Stiller also talked about their children and welcoming their daughter Ella Olivia. In July of 2005, they had their handsome son in Quinlin Dempsey.

Ben and Christine met when they were filming the TV pilot

Both Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller shared parts in several movies and TV shows such as A True Underdog Story, Arrested Development, Tropic Thunder, Dodgeball, and Zoolander. As well as Zoolander 2, which is the more recently it premiered February 2017. When Zoolander 2 premiered the couple discussed how working together in Hollywood films has affected their marriage of fifteen years.

Christine Taylor expressed how it is the best working with alongside her husband and how they have such a close connection. She also included how it is normal for them to work together on set due to the fact is that is how they met. She says he is just amazing to work with. Christine Taylor also stated in the interview for Zoolander 2 movie premiere that having a sense of humor was the key to their marriage.