Muslim Man in Dearborn Sues Little Caesar’s

A Muslim man is now suing the pizza chain, Little Caesars. He claims that his pizza had pork on it though it was advertised as being pork-free. Mohamad Bazzi is seeking millions in damages.

In the suit, it said the Bazzi ordered the pizza on March 20 in Dearborn, Michigan from Little Ceasars. The pizza was supposed to be halal, which meant that it met food standards for those who in the nation of Islam.

According to Bazzi’s attorney, the pizza broke the Wayne County Halal and Kosher Anti-Fraud and Truth-In-Labeling Ordinance that they have.

His lawyer also believes that the citizens of Dearborn, Michigan, who happen to be mostly Muslim, have a right to know what they ingest.

There is a Halal Pepperoni sign in the front window of the Little Ceasars in question. The sign leads people to think that their pepperoni does not contain any pork substance.

Those Who Are Muslim Cannot Consume Pork

In documents held by the court, Bazzi and his wife ate only a few bites of the pizza. It did not take long for Bazzi to realize that the pepperoni on the pizza was pork and not a mean deemed halal.

The court documents also allege that Bazzi and his wife became ill after realizing that they had eaten pork.

On March 23, Bazzi contacted the Dearborn Police about the situation.

One month after the previous incident, Bazzi went back to that Little Ceasars and ordered another pizza claimed to have halal pepperoni.

Bazzi took records of the purchase and captured pictures of the stick on the box which read halal. Not to Bazzi’s surprise, when the box was opened, he has met again with pork pepperoni.

It claims in the court documents that managers at Little Ceasar said that Bazzi purposely asked for the pepperoni pizza. They stated, however, that he asked for a halal sticker to place on the box.

Bazzi seeks damages of $100 million for the harm caused to him and thousands of other citizens who order halal pizza just to end up being lied too.

As of now, Little Ceasar has not sent out a response to the suit.