Carrier Pigeon Used To Smuggle Drugs In Kuwait

For awhile now, pigeons have been available for use to transport messages. Typically, a note is attached to the pigeon’s leg. Then the bird is sent off, possibly hundreds of miles away, to deliver the message.

Well, Now It Seems That Instead of Transporting Messages, Theses Birds Are Used for More Devious Reasons

In Kuwait, customs agents were able to apprehend a pigeon that was wearing a small backpack. Inside they found 178 pills. With further investigation, the figured out that the bird actually was carrying ketamine. Ketamine has been in the news lately, as people have been dying from its use.

Officials believe that the bird was on it’s way to a drug dealer residing in Kuwait.

Though it might sound weird, birds smuggling drugs is not a new concept. For awhile now, officials in Kuwait have suspected pigeons of smuggling drugs for patrons. This is the first incident where they were able to catch a bird en route.

Humans have been using pigeons for thousands of years to transport messages and other objects. During wars, pigeons were used to send messages back and forth. Currently, police in India use them to help communicate back forth during natural disasters.

In Costa Rica, officials busted a bird that was carrying a bag full of drugs close to La Reforma prison. Bosnian correctional officers began to suspect foul play after a gang of inmates tested positive for drugs. They all tended to a pigeon house on the yard.

It’s actually a common practice to use these birds for transporting drugs. Back in 2011, Colombian police were able to capture a bird trying to enter a Bucaramanga jail. The bird had a small package filled with cocaine paste and marijuana buds. Before that, birds were found with packages containing cell phone SIM cards.