Italy Enforces Law On Children Getting Vaccinated

The Italian government has enforces a law that before children can enroll into any state school, they have to have 12 vaccinations against common diseases.

The Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni has sent out complaints about the spread of illnesses due to a decrease in the much-needed vaccines.

Since last year, Italy has had reports of nearly three times as many cases of the measles. The Italian Government’s new law states that if a child does not have all their vaccines by the time they turn six year’s old, the parents of the unvaccinated child will be fined.

Gentiloni says there have been loads of conspiracy theories surrounding the decrease of vaccines. The conspiracy theories have been reported around the world about the health risks of being vaccinated with certain vaccinations. However, these reports are mainly from discredited new reports and have resulted in parents no longer trusting to get their children vaccinated against common illnesses.

Also in Italy, the number of two-year-olds who have received measles vaccinations has dropped from over 90% to beneath 80%. This figure is plenty below the World Health Organization’s prescribed scope of at least 95%. Measles is exceptionally infectious and can bring upon death if not treated in time.

In a public statement, Mr. Gentiloni told reporters that the absence of proper measures throughout the years and the spread of hostile to logical hypotheses, particularly lately, has achieved stopped people from protecting their children from viruses.

Top Twelve Most Common Illnesses That Children Need Vaccines For:

*Whooping Cough
*Hepatitis B
*Haemophilus Influenzae
*Meningitis B
*Meningitis C

Health Minister Mr. Lorenzin has said by instating this law they are sending an important message to parents who choose not to vaccinate.

As of late a free gathering of people against vaccinations, who call themselves the “anti-vax” movement, continue to cite risks publicly, furthering the problem in Italy.
A paper wrote by Andrew Wakefield that since holds no credit, is what started the unnerving in Italy.

Mr. Wakefield was taken off the UK Medical Register after proclaiming that there was a relationship between autism and mumps, measles, and rubella vaccines (MMR) in kids.