Chris Sale On a Strikeout Spree

Chris Sale, the starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, was able to match a record that is also currently held by the legendary Pedro Martinez, who also played for the Red Sox. At Friday night’s game against the Oakland Athletics, Sale pitched double-digit strikeouts for the eighth time in a row!

Sale remained humble while speaking to reporters stating that the peripheral stats mean nothing during game time. He said that he knows that people enjoy adding up numbers and talking about stats. When it’s all said and done, it doesn’t phase him.

Last December, the Red Sox exchanged a few of their players such as Michael Kopech and Yoan Moncada for Sale who was playing for the Chicago White Sox at the time.

Sale’s ERA is currently at 2.19, and his WHIP is at 0.79 and has had 95 strikeouts during 65.2 innings.

Chris Sale Has More Strikeouts Planned

Though Sale continues to shine while on the baseball field, the Red Sox can’t seem to move too much forward. Currently, their record is 21-20.

Sale told Evan Drellich, of CSN New England that he believes his team is still in awe about winning twice against St. Louis. He went on to say that them acting in that manner is what makes playing for his team fun. Sale said that there are guys on the team that have been there for a pretty long time. No one is in a panic about the situation.

He also said that he likes where his team currently stands. Sale stated that he believes that his guys are mentally and physically able to come up on top.

As of now, the Red Sox still have two games left to play in their series against the A’s. Afterwards, they will be heading back home. Sale looks forward to continuing his streak of strikeouts as they get ready to play the Texas Rangers in their next series.