President Trump Is Stirring Up The White House

President Donald Trump just can’t seem to stay off Twitter. On Thursday, President Trump sent out yet another tweet about how Russia had nothing to do with his presidential campaign.


The Justice Department on Wednesday chose previous FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate and see if Russia interfered at all during the 2016 presidential election.

In a tweet, Trump asked why there was no counsel chosen for the illegal actions that were going on during Clinton’s campaign. He went on to say that the search is a political witch hunt.

What President Trump tweeted did not resemble what was said in an official statement from the White House

This is third time within weeks that Trump has had to backtrack his statements. His tweets do not resemble the White House’s words.

Last week Trump fired James Comey, who at the time was the FBI director investigating Trump and his campaign. Eyebrows went up after reports and questions came out about Trump interfering with Comey’s research.

The White House first came out and said that Trump fired Comey due to his low performance. That information was found in a memo from the Justice Department. Trump later had a conversation with reps at NBC News and said that they were already set to fire Comey.
Also, officials at the White House strongly denounced any reports of President Trump speaking with Russian diplomats and sharing with them sensitive information. But President Trump came out and said he did speak with them.

The confusion of it all has stirred up questions. Is the information coming from White House officials is accurate?

While giving a speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy commencement on Wednesday, he said to those in attendance that in the history of American politics, no other politician had been as poorly treated as his self.