Elle King Reveals Split From Secret Husband

Songstress Elle King seems to be heading towards splitsville with her now-estranged husband Andrew Ferguson after only a year of being married. The singer, famous for her hit Ex’s and Oh’s, surprised everyone when she reported that she was a runaway bride by skipping her very own wedding. She decided to go to an Eagles of Death Metal concert in New York instead. Ms. King later revealed that finally became Mrs. Ferguson on Valentine’s Day last year.

She told reporters that she and Ferguson secretly got hitched three weeks after they met. She also said that it would always remain the best day of her life and that she has no regrets.

Elle went on to say that she currently has a broken heart. Also, her soul aches for her husband. She stated that he is still the love of her life, but she is lost. She claimed that Ferguson was not only her husband but her best friend as well. At the end of her post, he said that as her and husband separate from each other and try to get their lives figured out, she hopes that they both can find happiness.

Elle King said that she truly loves Ferguson and he will always be her very first husband.

Before Elle posted a picture of when she was at the Eagles of Death Metal concert in New York, she posted a video on Twitter. In the video, you can see a teary-eyed Elle with her dog. In the video, she speaks to how this has been a hard year for her and that she does cry too often, but when she saw her little girl, the tears began to flow.

She went on the say during that day somebody attempted to make her feel bad for her choice. She said that as a human, people try to steer you off course whether physically or verbally. Elle stated that we as humans have to remain solid and always remember our values and worth.