Almirola’s Crash Shines Light on Dangers of Racing

When it come to racing cars, Almirola’s Crash Shines Light on Dangers of Racing, it’s a fact that racing them is and will continue to be dangerous.

The crash that happened on Saturday night involving Aric Almirola slamming into Danica Patrick and Joey Logano snapped viewers back into reality.

The strong impact was Almirola’s 3,450-pound car slamming into a car of the same caliber, that was going at a speed of close to 200 miles per hour. What a scary sight to see!

Fortunately, Patrick and Logano were able to leave the scene with little to no injuries.

Almirola, on the other hand, was not as lucky. He was in stable condition, but he had to be airlifted off the track and taken to the nearest hospital. An update on Almirola’s condition is expected sometime within the next day or so.

Better construction on the race cars such as SAFER barriers and HANS devices, have made the sport tons safer in the past years.

When It Comes To Almirola and Other Racers Will It Ever Become Totally Safe?

We have all see those big crashes that sadly end with someone losing their life. The last to perish while driving in Nascar was the great Dale Earnhardt Sr in 2001. Earnhardt was only 49-years-old when his car collided head-on with one of the rail walls. Doctors tried to revive him at a local hospital, but could not.

Brad Keselowski, who was able to finish second during the race. Keselowski told reporters that racing is most definitely a dangerous sport. Martin Truex Jr. won the race that night. Keselowski said the sport has always been dangerous and will probably forever be so.

He said that at times, he and other racers forget the danger and take it for granted. It’s expected to get hit hard and walk away safely.  Watching them not walk away from the scene unharmed puts everything back in perspective for him.