Colt Lyerla Caught After Fleeing From Jail

Colt Lyerla, a former tight end for the Oregon Ducks, is now in custody yet again after fleeing from a minimum security jail.

On Friday, police found Lyerla in Hillsboro, Oregon after receiving reports of his overdose and being sent to the local hospital. Thursday, Lyerla leaped out of a first-floor window while serving a previous sentence at the Washington County Community Corrections Center.

According to Lt. Henry Reimann, officers found Lyerla only a couple of miles from the Washington County jail at his home after responding to a report of an apparent overdose.

Reimann says that Lyerla wasn’t breathing and medics on the scene had to perform CPR on an unresponsive Lyerla. They also had to give him naloxone, a medication used to reverse the effect of opioid overdose. When police were finally on the scene, Lyerla was awake. He wen to flee from them a second time, but was apprehended right away.

Officers on the scene took Lyerla to the hospital for treatment. Once his treatment is over, he will be going to the Washington County Jail.

Reinmann says that Lyerla will face charges of a second-degree escape felony.

Colt Lyerla’s History

So far this year, Lyerla went to jail twice for possessing heroin and forgery. He quit playing for the Ducks in October 2013 shortly after his suspension for violating the team’s rules. In 2013 he was also under arrest for having cocaine on him.

Although he was a player for Oregon, Lyerla was not a pick during the 2014 NFL draft. Lyerla had incidents on the field that officials weren’t willing to overlook. He also wrote insensitive tweets about the shooting that took place in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The Packers finally signed him, but in August of 2014 during the Packer’s Family night practice, he tore the medial collateral and posterior collateral ligaments located in his right knee.