Move Over Dandelion, There’s A New Color In Town

Those upset with Crayola for announcing that they would be retiring the familiar dandelion colored crayon have something new to look forward to. Soon they will be adding a new blue crayon color that is sure to brighten people’s day.

Also, with the removal of the yellow color comes a new blue one to take its’ place. However, there weren’t any other details given yet. However, Crayola made another announcement on
Friday that the new blue color replacing the yellow will be a replica of the YInMn blue pigment.

Don’t fret if you haven’t heard of YInMn. It was discovered back in 2009 in a chemistry lab at Oregon State University. Whether it was on purpose or not, Crayola still fell in love with the new shade.

In a statement by Karen Waters, Director of content, PR, and Social Marketing for Crayola, she said that after they chose to retire one of their favorite colors, they knew whatever color they chose next would have to be dynamic and new. After seeing all the attention on discovering the new color, they knew who to team up with.

Finding The New Color

In a report by NPR in 2016, a group of chemists were heating and cooling an assortment of chemicals to see if it could be used in electronics. After it had hit an astounding 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, one particular sample had a magnificent blue hue.

YInMN derives from the elements used to create the pigment, yttrium, indium, and manganese oxides.

Waters also says that since the color only recently made its debut, it is currently in the process of getting approval for regular use.

There still isn’t a name for the color that will be entering the 24-pack box. Crayola is asking the public for help by allowing people to enter submissions for the new blue’s name until June 2. The top five names will be announced on July 1st when the voting will also commence.

The new name won’t go public until sometime in September. And the remarkable color will not be added to Crayola’s crayon box until later on in the year.

Since the color Dandelion will be on a permanent hiatus, yellow will be the only variation in the box. Crayola has not denounced adding a new yellow to replace Dandelion, but right now there are no plans.