US-Canadian Couple Found Strangled In Sugar Cane Field

Many are seeking answers after a US-Canadian couple was discovered in a sugar cane field strangled to death.

The biggest question that the family and friends of a US Marine Corps veteran who was killed in Belize with his girlfriend is, how could this happen?

As of now, no one has any answers.

Drew DeVoursney from the US and Francesca Matus from Canada had been seeing each other for a few months before the two went missing April 25.

The last time anyone saw the couple was when they were at Scotty’s Bar and Grill, a popular hangout with a view of the ocean in Corozal. Matus was set to fly back to her home in Canada the next day. DeVoursney was to head back to the US a few days after her departure.

However, a friend who was supposed to take Matus to the airport for her flight found her house vacant, and couldn’t contact her or DeVoursney.

After the friend had reported they were missing, police and volunteers went searching for the two. On April 30th, they found Matus’ vehicle approximately 5 miles from the bar they were last seen at. The next day their bodies were found nearly seven miles away from the vehicle.

Searching For Answers

The couple was strangled, and their bodies were left in a sugar cane field. For family and friends, the news hit hard. They were sure the two would be found alive and well.

Nancy Rifenbark, a good friend of Matus, told reporters that the news was heart-wrenching. Brandon Barfield, a good friend of DeVoursney, says that he was a great person all around. DeVoursney and Barfield both served in Iraq together.

Law enforcement agents say that the couples’ wrists were bound together with duct tape. After being left in the elements for five days, the bodies were already in the decomposition process.

Autopsy reports on both of them show that they had been strangled to death, and also had broken bones in their necks.

Police are questioning those in the area, especially two patrons who claim to have problems with the two victims. However, police have not identified them as suspects. As of now, robbery seems to be the motive for the killings.

The couples’ wallets and ID’s were missing, but jewelry Matus was wearing was still on her.

Both families of the couple are currently working with Canadian and US officials to get the bodies back in their native countries so they can be properly laid to rest.

The couple’s families are now working with the US and Canadian officials to bring their bodies back for burial.