Delta Air Lines Removes Family From Flight

Delta Air Lines removed a family from Southern California off of an overbooked flight in Hawaii after telling the family that their 2-year-old son could not sit in a car seat.

Wednesday, the family from Huntington Beach, California posted a video to YouTube of the incident. The footage shows the communication between father Brian Schear, Delta staff, and security.

This video is the most recent of several recordings showing passengers and staff arguing. The first major incident was with a doctor from Kentucky being drug forcibly off of a United Airlines flight.

Close to midnight as the family was ready to head home from Hawaii, staff demanded that they give up the seat that their son’s car seat was in.

When the family refused, staff told them to give the seat up or face jail time.

Schear says that security specifically said if they didn’t give the seat up, he and his wife will be sent to jail. Adding that their kids would be taken away from them. He continuously told the security and staff that he paid for that seat. However, staff replied that it was illegal for their child to sit in it. Their toddler either had to sit on someone’s lap, or they had to leave.

Officials told the father that it is against FAA regulations for children that young to sit in their own seat on flights.

However, Delta’s website states the complete opposite. On their site, they recommend purchasing a seat and using a children’s safety seat for kids under two years of age.

Schear says that his son had his own seat on their Delta flight to Hawaii. He also adds that if he sat on their lap, their son wouldn’t be able to sleep on their overnight flight.

At the beginning of the video, officials claimed not to have their son’s name on the ticket. Then told them to give up the seat.

Schear explained that his 18-year-old son flew home on an earlier flight so that his little brother could have his seat.

In the video, you can hear Schear saying that they paid for the seat. And the airline needs to make things right. He then agrees to have his son sit on his lap for the flight.

However, moments later a representative returns telling him that the entire family would have to get off of the flight, whether it be with police or voluntarily.

When the family was questioning if they would get a refund, the airline’s reply was they were “on their own.”

The family obeyed orders and got off the plane, leaving them stuck at the airport with their two young kids. They had to buy a hotel room for the night and return home the following day on a United Airlines flight that cost them $2,000.

Delta told reporters that they weren’t removed due to overbooking. However, they refuse to collaborate further on why this happened.

In a statement, Delta apologized to the family for the experience. Saying they are further investigating the situation to find the best resolution.