Outbreak Of Measles In Minnesota

An outbreak of measles is broadening in Minnesota as the state’s emergency and public health officials scramble to stop it from spreading further.

The spread appears to continue. There are now nearly 30 reports in Hennepin County, one in Stearns County, and the most recent is one report from Ramsey County.

Minnesota Health Department’s Director of Infectious Disease, Kris Ehresmann, says this outbreak requires further investigation to find out how all of these cases are connected. They also need to understand how contact was made to spread the virus.

The outbreak is the first for Minnesota since 2011. It began this year in late March spreading throughout a day care in Hennepin County. Some are concerned with claims that the virus has a connection to autism.

The Twin Cities outbreak of measles is causing health care professionals to remind the public of the importance of vaccinating their children. The community also has a low rate of vaccinations, making it a prime area for the outbreak to spread.

The greatest amount of cases are among the Somali Minnesotans at 28. Thursday there was confirmation of 29 cases in the entire state. It appears that young adults make up the majority of those affected. However, ethnicity hasn’t been verified yet.

There are currently no cases in south-central Minnesota or North Dakota. However, this gives parents a chance to get vaccinations for their kids if necessary before this gets out of hand.

The county is also among the top tourist areas in the world, with around 50 million tourists ever year.

Officials urge all Minnesotan Somali refugees to get vaccinations if they haven’t already. This outbreak of measles, specifically in the Somali community, is becoming a statewide crisis.

A measles outbreak within the community of Somali refugees in Minnesota is quickly becoming a statewide issue.

Outbreak Of Measles In Minnesota