Recall On Two Jalapeño-Flavored Potato Chips

There is a recent recall on two Frito-Lay’s jalapeño-flavored chips due to a possible Salmonella contamination.

Frito-Lay put a voluntarily recall on their Kettle Cooked and Miss Vickie’s jalapeño-flavored chips due to the seasoning having a potential bacteria.

The products in the recall are in stores and vending machines with an expiration date of July 4th or earlier. The recall also includes the jalapeño-flavored in multipacks with an expiration date of June 20th or earlier. However, any other flavors individually or in multipacks are safe to eat.

The FDA posted an online statement from Frito-Lay saying that one of their suppliers put a recall on a possibly contaminated jalapeño powder seasoning blend.

Although Salmonella has not been found in their supply, the company is recalling them as a cautionary measure.

What Exactly Is Salmonella?

The bacteria Salmonella causes the infection Salmonellosis, the most common foodborne illness in the US. Every year, there are around 1 million Salmonella cases.

The CDC reports that nearly 380 Salmonella deaths occur each year.

The infection occurs when eating products contaminated with animal feces. Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Most symptoms occur within 8-72 hours after ingesting the food.

The infection typically goes away within 3-7 days. Most mild cases don’t even require medical treatment. However, severe cases do need antibiotics.

Salmonella can be life-threatening, especially in the elderly, young adults and children, and pregnant women. The infection can spread to the blood stream from the intestines, causing death if not properly treated.

Recall On Two Jalapeño-Flavored Potato Chips