Lawyer Represents United & American Airlines Events

The current lawyer for Dr. David Dao, the man drug off of a United Airlines flight, is also representing a woman involved in an American Airlines incident.

The lawyer, Thomas Demetrio, says the mother involved in the incident contacted him. The woman was on video Friday on an American Airlines flight crying during an incident with a staff member.

The woman was boarding her flight at the Airport in San Francisco when a flight attendant aggressively took her stroller away from her, nearly hitting her baby. Then, another passenger had a confrontation with the attendant, and the incident quickly escalated. Many other passengers also filmed the event.

Since then, the attendant has been laid off from American Airlines. Officials have also apologized, saying the incident doesn’t adequately reflect their values.

Demetrio describes the American Airlines incident as proof of a lack of customer respect from the airline towards their passengers. He says with the recent video and previous United issue, they clearly need to stress the fairness of their customers.

Demetrio also feels that an apology from United Airlines CEO to David Dao probably wouldn’t help much. United CEO Oscar Munoz had his opportunity to apologize publicly, and didn’t take it. He even went as far as to call Mr. Dao “belligerent,” so his apology would be hard to take seriously.

Demetrio expects to begin filing a lawsuit for Dao after suffering a broken nose, concussion and losing two teeth during the encounter. At this time, it is unknown if the American Airlines passenger wants to pursue a lawsuit against the airline.

Lawyer Represents United & American Airlines Events