Aqib Talib Will Be Back On The Field Next Season

According to NFL officials, Aqib Talib will not have disciplinary actions held against after shooting himself in the leg last June. Espn’s Adam Schefter was able to obtain the information on the Denver Bronco’s cornerback from a league source.

Talib was told on Monday by the NFL that he would be able to play the next season and will not be fined.

An NFL source said that Aqib Talib could have been facing suspension from a few games next season. However, what changed officials minds about the suspension was a lack of evidence against Talib.

June 5, 2016, Talib was found with a gunshot wound in his right leg. He was in Dallas at the time. He chose not to have surgery and went home the next day. Due to his leg injury, Talib was not able to make it with his team to the White House after their Super Bowl 50 win.

Though the NFL is dropping the issue, officials in Dallas said on Tuesday that they will be keeping his case open and Talib is still under investigation.

The NFL sent Talib a letter stressing how important it is to utilize gun safety at all times. In the letter, they said that there is no proof that the firearm was illegal. However, in all situations he should remember that it is his responsibility to remain safe with them.

The NFL also told Talib that he would have to give them a list of all firearms in his possession and all documentation to prove that he has all gun safety classes.

During the 2016-17 season, Talib made 43 tackles and three interceptions in a period of 13 games. He also played in the Pro Bowl four seasons straight.

Aqib Talib Will Be Back On The Field Next Season