Tesla’s robotics workers threaten to strike in Germany

A labor strike dispute is underway as Tesla’s robotics workers threaten to strike in Germany. The dispute may delay Tesla’s plans on boosting production as his employees choose to go on strike.

IG Metall

The German industrial union will make a decision in the coming days on whether or not to go on strike at Tesla Grohmann Advanced Automation. The union is attempting to negotiate wages and compensation with Tesla with no changes being made yet.

In November, Tesla acquired Grohmann Engineering, a manufacturing automation company. He bought the business in hopes of boosting production of the electric cars from 84,000 in 2016 to 500,000 in 2018.

Tesla posted on social media that just like the machine that builds a machine, their facilities are essential. So much so that they deserve more engineering attention than what they have been producing.

He adds that they plan to continue working alongside their employees. And are prepared if the union does decide to make a move. Tesla says regardless, the Model 3 timeline will not change.

Tesla has been working hard to start producing and delivering their first Model 3, with pricing at around $35,000 each this year. In February, Tesla said the Model 3 program is well on track to begin production in July this year.

They plan to exceed producing 5,000 vehicles every week in the fourth quarter. Then up to 10,000 vehicles a week at some time in 2018.

Some experts are extremely skeptical on Tesla reaching his production goals for the Model 3 in the upcoming years. For example, Adam Jones, an analyst at Morgan Stanley who also promotes Tesla, said in late March that his production expectations are much more conservative than the expectations the company currently has.

IG Metall union officials have yet to release any comments on the talk surrounding their plans for a strike.