Oscar Munoz, United Airlines CEO, Will Not Resign

United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz, says he will not be quitting, regardless of the backlash he’s receiving over the video of a man being drug off the aircraft.

Munoz says he feels embarrassment and shame over the incident. He promises that nothing like this will occur again to a seated plane passenger. Munoz also says David Dao, the passenger, is due for an apology. However, at first, Oscar Munoz stated that the passenger was belligerent and causing a disruption.

When people asked him if he would be resigning, Munoz said he was there to make the airline better, and he will continue to do so.

David Dao was drug off of the flight from Chicago to Louisville Sunday evening due to the flight being overbooked. The airline was offering to pay four passengers to leave so staff had seating, and no one took their offer.

Dao was left bloody after officials forced him off of the flight after refusing to leave.

The public videos of the event are causing nationwide outrage. The Dao family sent out a statement Tuesday thanking everyone for the overwhelming amount of support.

During a Wednesday morning TV interview, Munoz said that this can, and will, never happen on a United flight ever again. When asked what their plan is if the same exact situation did occur again, Munoz said they wouldn’t use officials to pull a paid, seated passenger from the flight. And when the interviewer asked Munos if David Dao was at fault, he paused. Then said that he couldn’t be to blame. He was a paying passenger, and no one deserves that kind of treatment.

However, two days before this interview, Munoz said the conduct of Dao left them with no options but to call security officers to help remove him from the flight.

The outrage spread strongly to Vietnam Wednesday. After learning that David Dao was not from China, but from Vietnam. Social media users in the country are calling for a boycott of the company.

An Aviation Security Officer that removed Dao is now on leave due to his actions in this event.

Currently, The U.S Dept. of Transportation is investigating whether or not United was following the overbooking rules and regulations.

Oscar Munoz, United Airlines CEO, Will Not Resign