Change Is Coming To The MTV Movie And TV Awards

Those that watch the MTV Movie and TV Awards in May will notice a few changes.

The awards show has chosen to do away with different acting categories based on gender. Now the stars will be competing against one another in categories such as best actor in a show and best actor in a film.

One example is that the nominees chosen this year for best actor in a film are Hugh Jackman, Daniel Kaluuya, Taraji P. Henson, Emma Watson, Hailee Steinfeld, and James McAvoy.

It’s looking as if MTV will be following the Grammy’s lead, which eliminated gender specific categories for singers and celebs six years ago.

There hasn’t been any information yet as to whether or not any other award shows will follow the new trend.

Gabriel Rossman, who teaches sociology out at UCLA, spoke with ABC News in February. He walked about how gender specific categories affect award shows.

He says that without segregation in award shows, the awards would get dominated with male winners, thus ensuing culture backlash.

In a report made in 2016 on the subject of diversity in the entertainment business, a school found that during a survey on 109 movies that came out in 2014, approximately 28.7% of the movies had speaking roles for woman. If you break that down, that means there were 2.5 speaking roles for men for every one available for women.

Rossman said that he could easily see #OscarsSoMale as a Twitter trending hashtag. He also says that he could see things getting ugly. That by keeping the two genders separate in their own categories, it gives us viewers less to think about.

The awards show will be hosted this year by “Workaholics” Adam Devine. The MTV Movie and TV Awards will air live at 8 p.m. on MTV May 7th.

MTV Movie And TV Awards