Terrorist Truck Kills Four People In Sweden

Police launched a manhunt in the capital of Sweden on Friday for a suspect who ran a truck right into a department store in a possible act of terrorism. The attack killed four and injured many others, officers said.

The car rammed into a crowd on Stockholm’s busy avenue of Drottninggatan before hitting the side of the store in Athens. Pedestrians and customers were stuck panicking and scrambling for safety.

Police describe the suspect as a man with a beard and mustache in a green hoodie and jacket.

Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, says everything shows that this is a terrorist act. It would mark the most recent attack in a series of automobile-based, low-tech terror attacks throughout Europe over the past few years.

Löfven said at least four people had died and the safety service said there were many different accidents. A Swedish broadcaster said shots were fired, however, officers would not verify that detail.

Police have been investigating the truck and say that they have been in touch with its owner. The Eyewitnesses explained in detail the confusion as smoke from the crash began filling the building.

Maria Nathalie reports being in the store at the time of the incident.
When the fire alarm went off, everyone started running down the stairs. When they got to the bottom floor of the building, all they saw was smoke.

John Backvid, a Stockholm resident, and local college scholar, said he just got out of the subway across the road from the store while the crash occurred. He smelled smoke and came up to a chaotic scene. People were worrying that a hotdog dealer’s gas grill might spark an explosion, and Backvid said he and others began running. He also says he saw someone giving another person CPR.

The incident comes two weeks after a person rammed an automobile into crowds in London killing four civilians, then stabbing an officer.

The attack is the most recent that ISIS is claiming responsibility. However, the terrorist groups didn’t give evidence of their claims in London. Some citizens in Sweden say they won’t let this terror-associated scare paralyze them. They say they need to rise together and maintain their lives by showing they aren’t afraid.

Terrorist Truck Kills Four People In Sweden