Quarterback Asked To Vacate Bar Recieves Apology

Quarterback  Deshaun Watson received an apology from a bar in Tuscaloosa after a video of him being asked to leave the bar surfaced last Friday.

College quarterback Deshaun Watson is trying his best right now to keep all of his focus on the upcoming draft for the NFL. However, as he continues to look forward, there are some Bama fans not willing to let the star move on just yet.

According to AL.com, a couple of players from Alabama and fans came up to the quarterback asking him to exit the pub they were all attending.

On Friday, the pub sent out a statement via Facebook. Saying that since the bar first opened, they have had thousands of patrons from all over visit the bar. Whether from rival schools or not, and they were always respectful. They say that Friday was the same. The bar, Innisfree Irish Pub, said that what went down at their establishment had no involvement from their staff.

The post on Facebook shows that a customer tried to tell another customer that they could not be there. After the incident, the first customer was asked to leave. They said that they apologize and appreciate all of their patrons. The bar says that they hope sports fans continue to visit their establishment.

During the 2016 National Championship Game, Watson did 36-for-56 for 420 yards and made three touchdowns. Clemson won the game 35-31 against Alabama.

Four different analysts at NFL.com are expecting Watson to be picked in the first round. They believe he can be as high as 7th pick for the Los Angeles Chargers. The draft is scheduled for sometime this month.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson Receives An Apology