Alec Baldwin Hits The Big Screen In The Boss Baby

Alec Baldwin used to wear a well-known hay colored wig while in character on SNL. He was also Jack Donaghy on the television show “30 Rock.” Well, now he will be playing a somewhat similar role as he voices the suit and tie wearing main character in the new movie “The Boss Baby.”

The new animated film is partially about the new obstacles that come when a new sibling is born. However, it is also about a baby who is looking to get a promotion at work in an alternate world where infants go to work.

At the beginning of the movie, they introduce 7-year-old Tim, who Miles Bakshi voices. Tim has two loving parents, voiced by Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel, who sing songs and read stories to him before bed. Tim is a kid with an active imagination who loves to dream about vibrant jungles and sea life.

It’s when his parents come home with a new baby, that Tim begins to change. He sees his new brother as a threat who runs the whole house by demanding attention and changing their schedules.

Though his parents are in awe of the new baby, Tim knows the babies “true” intentions. He learns that the new baby can actually speak, and has been sent to the family to stop cute puppies from overshadowing cute babies.

Boss Baby’s stories comes off as fiction until Tim meets the evil CEO of Puppy Co. The team comes together to stop the evil business pup’s plans.

The movie is somewhat based on a children’s book written in 2013 by Marla Fraze. Although the story is it a bit out there, children who see it will be delighted by seeing such a cute baby in charge of everything. There are also scenes full of action and humor.

Tom McGrath, the movie’s director, feels that his largest asset to the film is Baldwin’s gruff voice playing the baby. Adults, particularly those who love the show “30 Rock” will smile when they hear some of his quirky remarks. However, kids might not understand some terms in the film such as “HR” and “Corporate retreat.”

But for those looking for a movie of a different caliber that is enjoyable for any age, look no further!

Alec Baldwin Hits The Big Screen In The Boss Baby